Coordinated Cardiac Care for Providers

From early detection to care intervention, Corventive aligns different physicians with specific patient insights for a personalized care experience.

Take the Legwork Out of Treating Acute Cardiac Events

Cardiac events can happen anytime and anywhere. Corventive ensures coordination between care teams and gives treating physicians access to clinically important context, provided in a relevant way when acute events occur.

Consistent care empowered by Corventive…

Communicates and coordinates a cardiac patient’s care plan to treating clinicians

Saves treating clinicians time by knowing the correct course of action specific to the patient

Eliminates the need for costly and unnecessary tests, procedures, and hospitalizations

Puts the
patient first
and increases overall
patient satisfaction

Put Preventive Measures in Place Before It’s Too Late

50% of people are diagnosed with cardiovascular disease at the time of their first heart attack. Corventive leverages AI technology to identify often overlooked precursors to heart disease so action can be taken to put preventive measures in place prior to a cardiac event happening. 

Corventive is your partner in early cardiovascular disease detection

  • Uses search algorithms to uncover findings suggestive or diagnostic of heart disease
  • Brings attention to CVD risk factors well before an adverse event occurs
  • Provides relevant and accredited treatment recommendations
  • Significantly reduces the chance of a heart attack 

The Early Detection Difference

Two-thirds of heart attack deaths in women occur in those who have had no history of chest pain!

Without Corventive

With Corventive

Does Your Practice Operate in a Fee-For-Service or Value-Based Care Payment Model — or Both? Corventive has You Covered.

Corventive is architected to drive maximum value in either payment structure

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