Ending Preventable Heart Attacks

Extend the reach and quality of your clinical practice with innovative technology solutions

The Heart Disease Problem

Corventive connects physicians with insights for better cardiac care​​

Corventive is focused on preventing acute cardiac events before they happen and takes the legwork out of treating them when they do.

Early disease detection powered by analytics

Proactive Insights​

Algorithms to identify cardiovascular risk before an acute cardiac event happens

Evidence-Based Recommendations

Physicians receive proprietary clinical interventions linked to references and peer reviewed clinical literature​

Preventive Care & Risk Reduction​​​

Physicians can initiate preventative measures and patient education to mitigate the risk of a heart attack or stroke

Enhanced care coordination in the cloud

Practice anywhere your patient goes

Coordinating with other providers across the US will benefit your practice that operates in traditional payment models

Deliver Better Quality and Increase Patient Satisfaction

Maintain consistency in care with evidenced based tools

Reduce Wasteful Procedures and Avoid Penalties​​

Save your patients from unnecessary procedures and avoidable hospitalizations to benefit your practice as it transitions to value-based payment models

Corventive is a powerful tool in your journey to value-based care

See how Corventive can
significantly improving cardiac care