Corventive Health Partners with Halfpenny Technologies to Enhance its Cardiac Care Solutions

Newtown, PA | October 26, 2020

Corventive Health, a provider of cloud-based and AI technology solutions, announced a partnership with Halfpenny Technologies, an Accumen, Inc. company today. This partnership fortifies Corventive’s core capability of delivering clinical insights that improve care coordination and cardiac outcomes.

Corventive provides early cardiovascular disease detection and intervention tools that align physicians with patient insights to promote care consistency and more personalized care. By leveraging Halfpenny’s capabilities, Corventive will increase the velocity and ability to share clinically relevant content so physicians can avoid duplicative procedures and unnecessary hospitalizations.

“Heart Disease contributes to over 1,000 U.S. deaths daily and has personally touched my life,” said Ben Stephen, Founder & CEO at Corventive Health. “We are excited to partner with Halfpenny to leverage its advanced healthcare technology capabilities. This partnership enables Corventive to more efficiently deploy our cloud-based solutions.”

“We are excited to partner with an innovative start-up focused on delivering better patient care,” said Jeff Coker, Vice President & General Manager at Halfpenny Technologies, an Accumen company. “We believe our scalable platform and technology capabilities are uniquely suited to help Corventive deliver better care coordination to their customers. We are aligned as partners in this mission, focused on profoundly impacting healthcare together.”

About Accumen Inc.
At Accumen, our focus is helping healthcare get better, faster. Accumen is a technology enabled organization that partners with hospital, health system, commercial laboratory, and payer clients to provide strategic solutions and services that deliver sustainable performance improvements. Our offerings include lab and imaging transformation, consulting, supply chain optimization, lab outreach, 3D imaging post-processing, patient blood management, test utilization, anemia management, and clinical data exchange. Accumen’s offerings enable its clients to achieve and exceed their cost, quality, and service targets, as well as deliver excellent patient care through evidence-based data and clinical decision support capabilities.

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Disclaimer: Neither Accumen nor Halfpenny has any authority, responsibility, or liability with respect to any clinical decisions made by – or in connection with – a provider’s laboratory, patient blood management, or other operations. Nothing herein and no aspect of any services provided by Accumen or Halfpenny is intended – or shall be deemed – to subordinate, usurp, or otherwise diminish any providers’ sole authority and discretion and responsibility with respect to all clinical decision-making for its patients.

About Corventive Health Technologies, Inc.
Corventive Health is an innovative start-up focused on preventing acute cardiac events before they happen and takes the legwork out of treating them when they do. Cardiovascular disease has personally touched our lives. We’ve experienced the inefficiencies associated with poor care coordination or lack of early disease detection firsthand. Corventive is built to leverage technology innovations that help reduce the cost of cardiac care and accelerate disease detection.

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