Coordinated Care for Cardiac Patients

Corventive Patient is a care coordination app designed to align your care team when it matters most — during a cardiac emergency situation.

On-the-go Care Coordination

When cardiac emergencies happen, be prepared with an app designed to provide your emergency care team with the latest information from The Heart House. Corventive Patient takes the legwork out of emergency treatment and informs on the next-best step in your care based on your most recent care plan. Plus, it’s free! 

How does Corventive Patient Work?

The Heart House will send you a text message inviting you to download the app.

Follow the instructions to download and install the app successfully.

When you have to visit the ER for a cardiac event, the app will recognize you are at a hospital*, confirm your identity, and notify your Heart House doctor.

For chest pain patients, your ER team can review your most current care plan.

Your Heart House doctor will be better aligned with your care and help avoid unnecessary tests and hospitalizations when possible.

*Your phone’s location services must be turned on to receive the app’s full features


If you have any technical questions about how to download the app, contact customer support Monday – Friday between 9AM – 5PM ET at: 1-877-732-3980

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